Recognising Contribution, Commitment and Excellence


The ͼ Colours Recognition Program acknowledges, celebrates and encourages contribution, commitment and excellence across a diverse range of co-curricular areas of school life. The College Colours program provides additional opportunities for the formal recognition of students, over and above existing programs such as the Celebration of Excellence awards, student leadership appointments and Student of the Term.

College Colours are awarded annually for the following five categories

  • Academic
  • The Arts
  • Catholic Identity and ͼ
  • Public Speaking and Debating
  • Sport

The Awarding of College Colours

ͼ Colours are awarded annually at the Avila Day celebration.

Students who have achieved College Colours receive a certificate and a ribbon in the relevant category colour, embroidered with the number of that particular year. The ribbon can then be stitched on to the blazer pocket according to the College uniform directions.

College Colours Program Guide

Discover more about the ͼ Colours program and learn how to achieve qualification points in each category in the ͼ Colours Program Guide.

Attaching Colours to Blazers