In the spirit of our Patrons

In the spirit of Nano Nagle, we are inspired to serve our community through “deeds not words”. At ͼ, being of service to others and to the community are important aspects of living out our Catholic and Presentation values of compassion, love, justice and service. We are called to follow in the footsteps of St Teresa of Avila and Nano Nagle, to be the hands and feet of Christ and to open our heart and hands to minister to others in our community.

ͼ students and staff participate in a range of social justice initiatives that build a deep awareness, inspire purposeful action and produce active and informed citizens who can enact change in the world around them. Students are able to express their service to others through fundraising drives, volunteering work, community engagement activities, awareness raising events and active participation in the Young Vinnies, Reconciliation Group and Sustainability Group.


Project Compassion

Each year, during the Lenten period, ͼ students actively participate in building awareness and raising funds for Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion through a variety of student led initiatives.

Book Buddies

Book Buddies is a community literacy program where Year 10 students regularly visit Holy Family Primary School to read with students. Designed to foster extended reading opportunities the program also provides the chance for peer mentoring and building positive community connections.

Service & Justice Program

The Service and Justice program provides students with the opportunity to know, understand and work with different groups in our community, share in the experience of ministering service to others and challenges them to make an ongoing commitment to voluntary work in the community. Activities include visiting residential aged care communities, cooking in community kitchens and volunteering at primary schools.

ͼ Cooking

Students, staff and families are all involved in ͼ’s ͼ Cooking program. Cooking sessions are held in the Avila Food Technology kitchens and batches of family meals are prepared for delivery to members of our community in need.

Peer Helpers

As Peer Helpers, Year 10 students are trained to support the transition of Year 7 students throughout their first year of school. Peer Helpers are allocated a homeroom class and visit twice a week to answer questions, run team games and provide a friendly mentor as our newest community members adjust to secondary school life.