A bibliography (or reference list) lists the books, magazines, newspapers, websites, images and other sources of information (resources) that were used to present a piece of researched work. It tells the person reading your work where your information came from. It is placed at the end of an assignment.


  • Writing a Bibliography (Explains the different ways to reference resources)
  • Use from the State Library of Victoria to help you create a bibliography.
  • is an online tool that helps you to build a bibliographic entry. Referencing styles include: APA, Chicago, MLA & Turabian.

Reference Guides

There are different referencing styles but they all follow the same basic rules. There is an example of one style in your College diary. It gives guidelines for referencing many media formats. Always ask your class teacher or a Teacher Librarian for assistance if you do not understand any aspect of referencing.

Creating Bibliographies

Explore these videos and resources to help you create a clear and concise bibliography in the ͼ format.